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Every successful move begins with proper planning. A well thought out and planned move makes the process easy for everyone. The following tips and guidelines are designed to make your move as smooth as possible.
Avoid waxing or oiling wooden antiques (and fine wood furniture) before moving, because it will make it difficult to handle. Remove heavy or breakable items from drawers. Move small items, breakable items, coins, jewelry, guns or valuables yourself. Please keep walkways clear for the movers. Please tie up dogs and secure cats in an area that they will not be affected by the movers.
All boxes must have lids and be closed.  Please label all boxes as to which room they belong too. Please mark boxes on 2 sides not the top.  Mark boxes with delicate contents "Fragile" and pack these with sufficient padding according to the contents.  Books, paper and other such heavy material must be placed in boxes no larger than 1.5 cubic ft.  A box this size weights roughly 70 lbs. You may stack boxes in one area four to five high for easy hand-truck access. We are not able to do any packing the day of the move.  If you find that you need help packing, call us immediately.  We will arrange for a packing crew to come out to your home two days prior to your move.  Applicable labor and material charges apply.
Unplug all television sets 24 hours in advance of a move, if possible, so that they will be at room temperature on moving day. Moving a TV set in which heat is still retained could cause internal damage. Other electronic components such as computers, stereos, DVDs, VCRs, and other delicate equipment must be packed into its original container or in containers that offer the same degree of protection.  We will move these items without proper packing but we accept no liability for any damage that may occur.
Art work, (pictures, prints, etc.) must be properly packaged in boxes or crated with bubble wrap and labeled "Art" or "Fragile".  We will move these items without proper packaging at the driver's discretion but accept no responsibility for damage that may occur in transit.
We can move small dressers with full load if the dresser does not have weak legs or it's not an antique. Big dresser drawers should be emptied.
Items constructed out of particle board and like man made material are not designed to be moved and are prone to failure.  Our experienced professionals will alert you of any possible problems due to construction materials.  We do not insure these items for any reason of failure.
Two drawer filing cabinets may be left full.  Four drawer filing cabinets may be left full if no stairs are involved in its transport. Desks, lateral files, storage cabinets, credenzas, and bookcases must be emptied of all contents prior to moving.
Please have your washer and drier disconnected before our arrival if possible.  We will disconnect them for you but cannot reconnect them as we are not plumbers and accept no liability for damage caused by these appliance reconnections.  Refrigerators and freezers must be emptied of all contents prior to moving.
Place any soft material such as sheets, blankets, comforters and pillows in strong garbage bags and tied in a knot.
If you have requested that we move your hanging clothes in your closets please prepare them in one of two fashions:
Bundle 5 or 6 garments and tape the head of the hangers together.  Then cut a 2 inch hole in the bottom of a large garbage bag and cover garments like the dry cleaner does.
Purchase wardrobe boxes from any storage facility that sells such items and fill with clothes.
All other closets and cabinets items must be boxed, i.e. kitchen, bathroom, laundry room.
To save time please have all beds disassembled prior to our arrival.  We will gladly disassemble your beds but this takes extra time and therefore will incur additional costs.
If your home has a garage or storage locker, please make sure all contents are boxed up.  Long handled items such as rakes, shovels and the like should be taped together top and bottom. 
If you live in, or are moving into a building with an elevator, please reserve the appropriate time slot for your move.  Small elevators require additional time to complete your move.  Our trucks are between 12'' and 13" high.  Some buildings, loading docks will not accommodate this height and additional time will be incurred to complete the move.  Please check and advise us.

If you are moving into a storage facility, addition time may by required if your storage unit is only accessible by elevator, or down a long hallway.  When leasing space, request a unit as close to an exit or elevator as possible.  Fine furniture or other delicate items are best stored in a climate controlled environment.  Inquire with your storage company for details.
Pianos.  If you have a spinet, upright, or organ, we will move it only under these conditions:
Both the pick-up and delivery have eight or less stairs each.
If your piano is to go around the side of the house you must provide plywood or planking if there is not a concrete walkway.
Have a third person scheduled on the move.
We reserve the right to refuse to move any piano if we deem it unsafe to do so.
All plants should be empty of water at least 2 days prior to the move. It will assure no water damage to your belongings. If not done so we will not be responsible for water damage done by the plants.  The best way to move household plants is to put them in the open boxes.
We do not move the following items:  Hot tubs, firewood, hazardous materials, gasoline, paint, construction materials, used auto parts, large commercial machinery or firearms and ammunition.
If your move is scheduled at 9 A.M. or 2 P.M. please be available one hour prior to the time of the move.  Do not disconnect your phone the day of your move.  We will not be able to contact you.
Tips.  With most service occupations, our crews gladly accept tips.  Tips are not required but if the quality of service is outstanding and you liked the job they performed then a tip would be appreciated.
Parking.  If curbside parking is required then it is the responsibility of homeowner/renter to arrange proper parking (cones, barriers, and permits, etc.) prior to our arrival.  If a parking infraction is issued it is the client's responsibility to pay the ticket. Please have a sufficient amount of parking for our truck when we arrive, this will save you time and money.
Please remove nails, hangers, pictures or anything that protrudes from walls and doors.  These will potentially scratch or rip your furniture.  Damage caused by one of these obstructions will not be covered by our insurance.
Snow Alert.  We will call to inform you of any possible delays or postponements.  Rule of thumb:  If the school districts are closed, it is doubtful that we will send our trucks out.
Charity or Dump Runs.  We will gladly get rid of your no longer needed items at our same competitive rate.  Please call our office to schedule a time.
In the event of rain our crews can put down pads on carpet and hardwood floors to protect them, but we cannot cover stairs for safety reasons.
Clients who choose to help load or unload do so solely at their own risk.  A & R Moving does not assume liability for customer injury or property damage.  
We highly recommend that you dispose of all the unwanted items.  Have a garage sale.  It is much easier to move cash than furniture.
Last but not least, A & R Moving provides repair or replacement handling insurance at no charge. We do not cover for loss or damage of the following items: Cash, jewelry, firearms or particle board furniture. Electronic components and art work (pictures, prints, statuary, etc.) must be properly packed to be insured; otherwise we will move these items solely at your risk. Furniture moved over railings or through windows is done solely at the customer's risk. We reserve the right not to insure an item if in our professional judgment your request that an item be moved that is in a poor condition or into an area that is not designed for that item. A & R Moving provides handling insurance 60 cents per pound.

If you decide to do the packing yourself. Here are some quick tips on packing your belongings.
Small Box: 1.5 cubic ft.

Common use of these boxes is books, magazines, canned goods, dishes, glassware, tools, and other heavy items.
Medium Box:  3.00 cubic ft.

Common use of these boxes is pots and pans, Tupperware, small appliances, clothing, linen, hobby and craft items.  NOTE: This is not a book box.

Large Box:  4.53 cubic ft.

These boxes are used for smaller boxes, loose items, kids' toys, bulk items, garage accessories, garden supplies. 
NOTE:  This is not a book box.

Packing Boxes 101
Do not leave empty spaces on the top of the boxes. Pack boxes fully, and fill empty spaces with wadded packing paper or other padding.
Do not pack paints, turpentine, pressurized cans, corrosive items like bleach or any flammable liquid. The law forbids movers to carry flammables.
Packing Boxes

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