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Moving Insurance

This site provides extra coverage for an item that is worth $10.000 - $20.000 or more. Like fine art or 400 years old antique etc. All moving companies have basic limited liability coverage which is 60 cents per pound per article (depends on state). Moving companies can sell you and extra coverage from $1.25 per pound to full value protection; however since they are a middle man you will pay more for that extra coverage from the moving company then from the insurance company itself.

Most of the moving companies that make profit selling extra insurance do not want you to know that you should check your home owners insurance, because 90% of them have a full coverage of your belongings during the move.

Self -Storage



This site provides eco-friendly moving supplies. Aternative to using cardboard moving supplies that are delivered fully assembled directly to your door, cost less time and money than cardboard, dramatically reduce the carbon footprint created by moving
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